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This is not a /pairing/ blog. I'm simply running an ask blog that contains more than one character. Feel free to ask both or just one of them a question!

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Just thought I’d let you guys know Finals are coming up so I won’t be updating for a while I believe. Come next weekend though I’ll be free to start posting asks again! This is just a heads up in case any of you think I’ve abandoned the blog haha.

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myrciaria asked: (( hoo boy, I love this blog... you're amazing. MARRY M- -is shot ))

(( Thank you very much so much! :D

"MARRY M- -is shot" why didn’t you finish your sentence? I WOULD LOVE TO MARRY MILES EDGEWORTH UwU 

… that’s what you meant right? WRIGHT? nojk))

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→ update

Hey ladies, finally got some time to finish up this blog by adding it’s FAQ and Ask blog page. I’ve got some general questions set up but if there is anything specific about this blog or it’s mod you are curious about then feel free to drop an ask and I’ll see if it fits into the FAQ. If it doesn’t it’s ok I won’t leave you hanging… I’ll try to answer you one way or another \o/

Now moving onto the ask blog page….

If any of your guys own an ask blog and wanna cross-promote or hell— just wanna get pimped out then just leave me an ask saying so! I’ll gladly add you. I see some ask blogs have followed me, I’ll be adding you guys ofc u3u

hmm think that’s all for this update. As always thanks for following!!! Hope you enjoy :B

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